Crime – Terror – Riots

In his fifth solo exhibition at the Thomas Rehbein Gallery Jochem Hendricks shows, in cooperation with Magdalena Kopp, a new series of undercover shots and photographs of depicting political conflicts, demonstrations, evictions, bank robberies and disasters of the seventies and eighties. The gallery rooms will be transformed into a control room by an encircling flood of images from parallel projected films. Black—and—white silver gelantine prints are presented as classic vintage prints like WANTED photographs, hung up in series. The complete material originates from the archives of police investigations. The prints have been reprinted by Magdalena Kopp, a photographer who took an active part in international terrorism as a member of the so called “Revolutionären Zellen” and the wife of Carlos over the same period. Spies and spied upon, meet again in reversed roles, both fronts are united in these prints.

Miriam Walgate, 2011