Jochem Hendricks

Opel Birra, 2016
Automobile, 2.500 liters of beer, fiberglass,
polyester resin, silicone, tubes
55.9 x 146.85 x 63.38 inch
142 x 373 x 161 cm
Hidden View, Wilhelmsplatz, Offenbach/Main, 2016

Executed with Daniel Kiss
Photos by Jessica Schäfer

The interior of a roadworthy Opel Corsa was stripped and the seats, coverings and instruments were removed. The cabin was then meticulously sealed with fiberglass and polyester resin, while silicone was used to fill any remaining gaps between the construction and the car body and windows. Subsequently the seats and some of the instruments were reinstalled and the last unobstructed door was sealed so that the sunroof functioned as the final exit. A trailer truck moved the thus configured vehicle to a reserved parking lot where it was filled through the sunroof with 2.500 liters of beer during a public performance. From a certain fluid level on, the car leaked with the beer spilling into a gully. It was the first part of the experiment to fill a car with beer. The second part is in the making.