Jochem Hendricks

Solar Union, 2014–15
Grid-pattern of drill holes
in acoustic panels, 11 parts
107 x 541 inch
272 x 1374 cm overall
Union Investment, Frankfurt/Main, commissioned work

On 23 May 2014 at 12:00 CEST, a photograph of the sun was taken by each of seven collaborators on the seven continents. For continents at night, the position of the sun was calculated in advance and photographs taken in that direction into the dark. Since the weather conditions in the Antarctica are extreme and subject to sudden changes, that continent determined the choice of day for this global miniature choreography. The resulting color photographs were first converted into black-and-white images and then reduced to three shades of grey plus white. Each shade of grey corresponds to a specific diameter of a drill bit used to bore holes into the wooden panels, producing a grid screen rendition of the image.